Clinic of Five Element Acupuncture

"Dear Jackie,
Just to say a big thank you.!! I am feeling epic after 3 months of acupuncture treatment with you.I came in with sciatica problems which I have suffered with on and off for years and after an initial consultation you took me on a journey of healing and rejuvenation which was not focused on just my back, but the whole of me inside and out, physically and mentally. I always felt as if I was starting to get old before my time and was fighting that resignation, as I have a young daughter and you where my last shot at turning things around.
I have to say, 'this has been the best decision I have made about my health for 20 years.' I don't know how you have done it, but I no longer have a back problem and I have given up smoking after 35 years of two packs per day. My life seems lighter and brighter in every way and my daughter, friends and family can all see a very positive transformation in my appearance and state of mind.
I have never been a huge fan of western medication or treatment methods and you have proved to me that I was correct at least in the most part to seek something far older and traditional from which the side effects only seem to be positive and lasting.!! I came to see you with a bad back and left, a brand new man on so many levels. I am forever in your debt…"
John, Wirral

"I Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your support through my ongoing journey!
Thank you so much.
It really touched me the you took time out of your day to help me find positives and looks at possible options to help find the answer to my problem. You have given myself and my partner some hope which really means a lot when going through this awful time.
Many thanks to you…"
Steph, Wirral

"Thank you sooo much for all your help, positivity, advice, guidance and of course acupuncture!
It was definitely down to your help that I have a beautiful little boy. I can’t thank you enough - he is the best thing in the world…"
Lisa, Wirral

"I first discovered Jackie in 2014 upon my return to the Wirral after 5 years living in London. I was looking for a Zita West accredited practitioner in a last ditch attempt to get pregnant after a number of years trying naturally and a failed IVF cycle under my belt. I had suffered with moderate/severe endometriosis for a number of years and had been told by fertility doctors that even with treatment, my chances of having my own baby were just 10 percent.

"From our first meeting, I had a good feeling about Jackie; not only was she passionate and knowledgeable about acupuncture, her positivity and absolute belief that I wasn't beyond help really lifted my spirits and helped me to prepare for my second round of IVF, this time at the Hewitt Centre in Liverpool.

"After just one treatment, there was a marked difference in my menstrual cycle and whilst I didn't enjoy some of the needles, (bit of a wimp!), I did look forward to my sessions with Jackie as I knew she was working her magic and she always put me at ease and was great to talk to at an emotional time.

"I saw Jackie regularly for a couple of months before my treatment and quite intensely during the IVF. At the end of the cycle, I was left with 2 top quality embryos and was lucky enough to transfer one perfect blastocyst at day 5. Things couldn't have been more different during my failed cycle 2 years earlier when 2 average embryos only made a day 3 transfer and failed to attach. I had also suffered with strong side effects during my first IVF whereas this time around my symptoms were dramatically reduced. I truly believe that this was a result of Jackie's acupuncture treatment and advice on diet and lifestyle which she helped me with during our sessions.

"On 1 June 2014 I finally got to see the two pink lines I'd waited for for so long: the treatment had worked and lo an behold, I was pregnant!

"My gorgeous little daughter was born in January 2015 and now a year on I am still pinching myself that I am a mum. I continued to visit Jackie at various points throughout my pregnancy and she also helped induce my daughter the night before I went into hospital to have her.

"I have recommended Jackie to family and friends, who haven't been disappointed, and I will visit her again myself if and when I decide to try for pregnancy again using my frozen embryo.

"Thank you so much Jackie, you are an expert in your field x Vicki, 35, Wirral."

"Thank you so much for all you help and support over the last year. The treatment and your fantastic support and therapy has been a life saver for me. Our baby boy is adorable and the most calm baby ever. I really believe he would never have actually arrived without all your help"

"Thanks so much for all your support, listening and magic hands. We really cant thank you enough, and are lucky to count you as a friend too!"
Rachel and Mike

"Thank you so much for all your support over the many months that I thought our lovely new baby would never happen. Your understanding, listening ear and of course your magic needles really did help enormously"
Rachel T

"Hi Jackie, just to let you know that the Jackie/Lee double act seems to have worked! I have taken Buck out for 2 good walks today and so far so good. Also had a much better sleep last night. As Lee said I have had a few good aches but nothing to what I have had to put up with, and today just the odd twinge. Many, many thanks to you both - the pain was worth it!"

"Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement over the last few weeks. You're a star!!"
Lot of love, Holly

"I just wanted to say thank you for being an amazing therapist and friend in 2010. I'm so happy you're in my life - you have helped me more than you know."
All my love, Kerry

"Thank you for your treatments and kind friendship. i know the acupuncture really kept me going throughout my pregnancy and it definitely helped my new daughter progress naturally."
C & F

"A big thank you for your help this year. My new daughter is gorgeous and growing up too quick! I hope you will be working your magic in the next twelve months!"

"I just wanted to say a great big thank you! I am sure that i wouldn't have gotten through the last 12 months without you as both a friend and therapist. And i know there are better things ahead for both of us!!"
Lara, Wirral

"Just a few lines to say thank you for treating me over the past 18 months. Whilst we did not get the outcome we hoped for I believe your treatments assisted in improving my health and wellbeing and also being able to cope with the emotional and physical demands of IVF. You are a great listener and have an approach full of enthusiasm and empathy. Your strength is a comfort when coping with infertility and I felt so much more positive after each session.
I wish you the best of luck with your future plans and career. If we try IVF again we'll be back!"
T & T, Wirral

"Thank you Jackie for all the help you have given my mind, body and spirit over the last couple of years.
You are a highly professional and caring person in whom I have every confidence. On each visit to your practice, i feel you have properly listened the problems, taken time to assimilate the information and then proceeded to use the needles to their optimum use.
I have had several blockages and due to your patience and good humour you have "hit the spot" and I have come away feeling so much better.
I really value your professional help and support."
P.M. Wirral 07/07/10

"I have been seeing Jackie for over six months and she has treated me previously as well as throughout my IVF treatment. She makes me feel very relaxed and is easy to talk to. To be honest, I find coming to Acupuncture is like a counselling session as well. I am very pleased to say that I am now 12 weeks pregnant with twins thanks to Jackie's help in keeping me calm and my body balanced."
Julia. Wirral

Clinic of Five Element Acupuncture, West Kirby

"Treatment with Jackie has proved more effective for me than my previous experiences of treatment from psychologists and counsellors. While other treatments often made me feel anxious, I have always looked forward to seeing Jackie thanks to her non-judgemental and holistic approach."
Jennifer W. Wirral

"I have found Jackie's professional help and support invaluable over the last couple of years.
I first went to see Jackie as I had been told by various doctors that I was extremely unlikely to get pregnant without having IVF treatment. I knew that acupuncture can help make IVF more successful so wanted to find out more. I had a few treatments and just as I was due to start IVF I found out I was pregnant.
During my pregnancy I was extremely sick and Jackie was able to help with this and during the latter stages I had issues with my back and again Jackie was able to help me with this.
Since I have had my son my back has become an ongoing problem which Jackie has helped me manage.
I can't recommend her enough."
Rosie T. Wirral

"I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone I know who needs acupuncture; in fact I don't think that there would ever be anybody better. I can't put into words how much I appreciate everything that you have done for me, your passion and drive for your job really shows through, and your professional caring nature is second to none."
Karen B, Merseyside

"'Thank you' doesn't seem enough for all that you have done for me over the past year. I am so grateful for the support you have given me and the effort you put in to get me back to where I needed to be."
Emma, Wirral

"Thank you for sticking needles in me and making me feel better."
Katy, Wirral

"Just to say thank you for giving me all those special needles that helped me chill out, stay calm and full of energy, but most importantly helped me to have our wonderful daughter Eleanor."
Claire and Chris, Wirral

"Thank you very much for all the treatment, I don't think I could have coped if I hadn't come to see you."
Linz, Wirral

"When I first went to see Jackie Fairweather I was suffering with severe back pain and sciatica, which resulted in me having to have an operation to help repair a ruptured disk.
I visited Jackie because I was struggling to cope with the pain that I was in and I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally. She helped me cope and manage the pain and negativity that I was feeling about the situation I was in. The treatment that I received, and continue to receive from Jackie is second to none.
She is a highly professional, highly trained and caring person who I trust implicitly.
I did not realize the power of acupuncture on my mind, body and spirit and I can't imagine my life without it now."
CB, Wirral

"Jackie keeps me on an even keel and always knows just what is needed to help me cope with all the stresses of work and family life.
An essential part of my health regime!"
J.P., Wirral

Acupuncturist Jackie Fairweather

"I am writing this letter to acknowledge the help, support and positive results I have received following my acupuncture treatment by Jackie at her West Kirby practice.

"Following a stroke I suffered several side effects including, head aches, fatigue, weakness on one side and a feeling which is difficult to describe, but it was like being out of sync with my body, not quite together, this probably doesn't describe the issue very well but it was like my mind and body where out of sync.

"After having the usual treatments from my GP with the usual answers to my questions i.e. "it's down to the stroke" I decided another course of treatment was called for the acupuncture.

"After two visits I felt a huge improvement in my body especially the "out of sync" feeling, I have felt a continuous improvement with all my symptoms and well being, so much so that I have even gone back to working out in the gym.

"This is the first time I have tried alternative medicine but I can and would recommend it to everyone."

TC, Wirral