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Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (also known as FEA and Cosmetic Acupuncture) employs the insertion of extremely fine acupuncture needles into the skin on and around the face. It is a treatment that focuses on reducing wrinkles and fine lines, improving muscle tone and enhancing your overall appearance. It also works to lift the face, particularly in the areas that sag such as the cheeks and jowls.

In a study of over 300 people, 90% demonstrated marked improvements after their first course of treatment


Vitality and Tone


Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Appearance of Sagging Skin

What your treatment involves

  1. Consultation. If this is your first treatment, your practitioner will take a full patient history to determine your suitability for Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA). Your personal treatment plan and timeline will also be discussed.
  2. Prepare. At the beginning of your professional treatment, your practitioner will prepare your skin by removing any traces of make-up.
  3. Treat. Fine, single-use, sterile needles will be inserted in the hands and feet before your practitioner inserts them into the face and surrounding area. You will then be given time to relax.
  4. Massage. Your practitioner will then remove the needles before performing a revitalising Facial Enhance® massage.
  5. Absorb. Your practitioner will apply high-quality serums and creams.
  6. Finish. You will be given post-treatment instructions.

How will you look after the treatment

Immediately after your treatment, your face should feel lifted, and the colour and texture of your skin improved.


An initial course of 10 treatments is recommended (ideally weekly but can be up to a month apart), followed by monthly maintenance “top up” treatments.
Each session will last approximately 1.5 hours with your first session being up to 2 hours long.

Facial Enhance® Initial treatments (first 10)*
£90 per session

10 x Facial Enhance® Prepay treatment package*

Facial Enhance® Maintenance treatment*
£81 per session

* Prices shown are for treatments conducted by lead acupuncturist Lee Davies.

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